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Support & Service Management Consortium

Executives responsible for technical support and customer service organizations concentrate on issues regarding service delivery, customer satisfaction and personnel management. The roundtable environment encourages interaction with members coming prepared to draw upon their work experiences to ask and answer tough questions. Guest speakers are called on to add their expert perspectives. Content areas are member-driven with potential topics including:
  • Taking the guesswork out of hiring
  • Building a budget that management will approve
  • Developing an effective organizational structure
  • Selecting the right training program
  • Motivating your team: short-term vs. long-term
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your knowledge management efforts
  • Balancing service delivery objectives and cost objectives
  • Understanding the metrics to measure and how your numbers stack up
  • Knowing what it takes to be an excellent outsource partner
  • Leveraging technology to enhance and not hinder your efforts
  • Predicting the impact of future trends
The monthly meetings are held in downtown Bellevue, WA and generally last for two hours. A buffet breakfast is provided. Notes summarizing each session are sent to all members. The cost of the yearly membership is $2,500.

To ask a question or apply for membership in the Support and Service Management Consortium, please contact us by e-mail or by calling 425.922.3064.