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Reenergizing Your Email Marketing Efforts with a Content Refresh

How could The Avalon Clinic breathe new life into its primary lead generation program?

The Avalon Clinic is a leading provider of cosmetic surgery services to women who are interested in improving the way they look and by extension, the way they feel about themselves. The Clinic relies heavily on email to move prospects that have inquired about cosmetic surgery from the “show interest” stage to the “contact/call” stage by taking action in the form of attending a tele-consult or participating in a telephone consultation.

The Challenge
The results that were being generated by the existing email program weren’t meeting management’s expectations. Furthermore, the look-and-feel of the internally created email template wasn’t aligned with the high-quality image that The Avalon Clinic’s brand represents.

The Solution
CRM Group created a new email template that The Avalon Clinic could use to promote its tele-consults and blog updates. This new template was not only much more attractive but also leveraged the best practices that CRM Group has learned through the development of hundreds of emails for its clients.

Step One: Target Audience and Brand Analysis
As the first step CRM Group worked with The Avalon Clinic’s management to gain an understanding of the main customers for their cosmetic surgery services as well as the key elements of the brand that The Clinic had worked so hard to develop.

Step Two: Creating the Right Look-and-Feel
In creating the email template design it was important to develop a look that would resonate with an almost exclusively female audience made up of working women in their mid-thirties and forties. In addition, it had to support brand attributes including life changing, confidential, safe, respectful, experienced and qualified.

In doing so CRM Group added life-style images to set the mood and attract visual interest. Fonts and colors for headings and body copy were selected that would further complement the softer tone that the brand called for.

Step Three: Leveraging Best Practices
The last step was to take advantage of CRM Group’s vast experience in creating hard-working emails to ensure the template was optimized to drive opens, clicks and conversion. Among the considerations were preview pane awareness, display with images blocked and unblocked, number and positioning of calls-to-action and more.

The Results
The Avalon Clinic’s new email template not only did a better job of supporting their brand but performed at a much higher level generating consultation calls at a rate of more than five times The Clinic’s previous email efforts.

Performance Feedback
The Avalon Clinic’s Marketing Manager, Doug Erickson said, “The CRM Group was really instrumental in helping us improve our email marketing efforts. Their experience and knowledge in the space contributed to the development of an email template that really performs.”

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