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Increasing Revenue Per Call by 50%

How could Adobe Systems take a group that had previously concentrated solely on customer service and get them to increase their focus on sales?

Adobe Systems, one of the world's largest PC software companies, wanted to extract more revenue from the calls coming to its customer service group.

The Challenge
Take a group that had previously concentrated solely on customer service and get them to increase their focus on sales.

The Solution
CRM Group developed and implemented tactical sales training and incentive programs that gave the customer service agents the strategies, tactics, confidence and impetus they needed to increase their close rates and revenue per call. And they did it while maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction that Adobe has become known for.

Step One: Call Review
The first step for CRM Group was to understand the type of calls coming into the contact center looking specifically at which calls presented sales opportunities and how effective the agents were at taking advantage of them.

Step Two: Call Flow
From greeting to close, we outlined a call flow that would allow the agents to build rapport with the customer, take control of the call, answer questions quickly and confidently (with the help of new quick-find online documents), handle basic objections, promote benefits as opposed to features and ask for the order. In addition, we stressed process enhancements that led the agents to access customer account information and make upgrade offers where appropriate to leverage the loyalty of the Adobe customer base.

Step Three: Training and Reinforcement
A combination of group and individual training sessions were used to teach the agents the key elements of the tactical sales training. Then to further reinforce the training and support the sales effort, we rolled out a new agent incentive program that provided rewards for sales and proper call handling.

The Results
Over the course of 8 weeks, the close rate per call in the sales queue improved by 23% and average order increased by 25% over historical levels.

Performance Feedback
Adobe Manager of Customer Service, Don Linnertz said, "In this difficult economic environment, everyone is being asked to do more with less. The tactical sales training program that CRM Group developed and worked with us to roll-out has allowed us to generate more sales out of the calls coming into our contact center and drive incremental revenue."

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