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Using Customer Service Training to Differentiate Your Business

How could Pacific Medical Centers significantly improve the ability of their personnel to deliver an excellent customer experience?

Pacific Medical Centers, a health care organization with nine clinics in the Puget Sound area was looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their ever increasing competition. While they understood that their customers expected to get good care from the providers they were seeing, Pacific Medical Centers wanted to take this a step further and ensure a positive experience from the time their customer pulled into the parking lot until they left the clinic.

The Challenge
With so many different potential touch points and interaction scenarios involved with a typical customer visit, Pacific Medical Centers found it difficult to find a training program that could adequately address the needs of all of its customer facing personnel.

The Solution
CRM Group developed and delivered a customized customer service training program that included different modules for each specific part of the organization including phone room, front desk, medical assistants, nurses, patient billing, etc.

Step One: Contact Review
The first step for CRM Group was to observe customer interactions throughout the clinics to gain an understanding of the types of scenarios that Pacific Medical Centers' personnel frequently encountered and to document how they handled them. They then developed suggestions around ways to improve the customer experience during these scenarios and validated these with key stakeholders.

Step Two: Training Development
Using the knowledge gleaned from the observation sessions, CRM Group built training material for classroom sessions, self-paced study workbooks, 1:1 role playing and individual coaching sessions. And because the material was based on real-life situations that Pacific Medical Centers' personnel encountered frequently, it was easy for them to understand the concepts being presented and how they could factor into their work on a daily basis.

Step Three: Training Delivery
The training was delivered through a combination of classroom and individual sessions that were used to teach and reinforce the elements involved with delivering a positive customer experience. The time that the trainers devoted to working with individual employees proved to be a key because it allowed them to work with the trainees in the areas where they had the greatest need.

The Results
After the delivery of the training program as well as other initiatives, Pacific Medical Centers saw the percentage of customers that rated their overall service as excellent increase by more than 15% in their annual customer feedback survey.

Performance Feedback
Pacific Medical Centers' Vice President of Marketing and Administrative Services, Karyn Beckley said, "We are working hard to ensure that each customer feels good about the time they spend in our clinics and our increasing customer satisfaction scores are proof that our customers recognize and appreciate the effort. CRM Group, with its knowledge and abilities in customer service training has contributed greatly to the success we've been able to achieve."

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