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Increasing Revenues and Customer Satisfaction by Opening an Online Store

How could Penner-Ash Wine Cellars make it easier for their customers to buy their wine and what would it mean to their business?


Penner-Ash Wine Cellars is a family-run winery located in the plush Chehalem Valley in Oregon which is home to some of the finest Pinot noir grapes grown in North America. Largely dependent on distributors and the retail channel for sales of their wines, Penner-Ash wanted to explore expanding the direct to consumer sales component of its business.


The Challenge

When customers wanted to purchase wine directly from the Penner-Ash Website they were instructed to download an order form and then phone, mail or fax their order back to the winery. Management knew that an improved customer experience would by key to driving the increase in direct sales they were looking for.


The Solution

CRM Group built an online wine store that integrated seamlessly with the existing Penner-Ash Website. This allowed customers that were browsing the site to purchase wine online, quickly and easily.


Step One: Site Integration and Brand Support Considerations

Central to CRM Group’s development of the online wine store were the premises that it would need to be integrated into the current Penner-Ash Website to allow for a seamless purchasing experience as well as support the Penner-Ash brand look-and-feel.


Step Two: Connecting the Dots

Further integration with Penner-Ash’s order fulfillment house allowed for actual shipping charges to be displayed during the check out process making it easier for customers to choose the method that best suited their needs. And the store was set up so that Penner-Ash could easily make changes to shipping and tax tables as dictated by this fluid environment.


Step Three: Leveraging Email to Drive Store Traffic

Once the online store was up and running, CRM Group worked with Penner-Ash to proactively drive their enthusiasts to the store through a series of promotional and email newsletters.


The Results

After only 10 weeks, Penner-Ash had generated $3 in online sales for every $1 spent on the development and implementation of the store.


Performance Feedback

Penner-Ash’s co-founder, Ron Penner-Ash said, “We’re thrilled with the results were generating from our new online store and our customers love it. And CRM Group’s expertise made the whole process a lot easier and less costly than we ever thought it could be.”

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